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In today’s competitive marketplace, just putting up a typical website and calling it a day just doesn’t cut it. Establishing a professional presence on the web that sets you apart requires going the extra mile. Creating a truly inviting and compelling brand for your company requires a number of multimedia and design elements working together to convey a professional and consistent image to best represent your company, product or services. Below are some of the services that we offer as part of any branding project.

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Graphic Design

Case study #1:   Image Branding for Singer/Musician

Customer Need
A christian singer recently completed recording her first album. She needed to sell and promote the album with a new website as well as via other social media outlets.

Proposed image branding
Although the customer had her new album professionally recorded at a studio, no album artwork had yet been designed. Also, this being her debut album, she did not yet have a website or any other media content such as photography or video to help promote the album.

We were able to provide a number of services, all coordinated for an effective image branding…

    • Website design
      This being a website for a singer/musician, the home page needed to showcase the singer directly and form the basis of the image we would then build via other forms of media. Our customer wanted a clean, fresh and feminine look. Other goals of the site were to allow for previewing and sale of the music/album, a photo gallery, videos section, news section, blog section, and contact form and links to the social media sites such as facebook, twitter and YouTube. Finally, we always design our sites to be maintainable by the customer. This gives the customer the ability to add, update and delete news and blog articles, photo gallery images, as well as add additional pages when required.
    • Logo design
      In keeping with the clean design of the website, we created a logo that was simple yet very feminine. This logo would later be used on the album cover as well as other social media sites. This is one of the first important steps to creating a consistent image brand across all web and print media as well as for promotional efforts.
    • Professional Phototgraphy
      We knew immediately that original photography would play a major role in populating the new website with content for the home page and photo galleries and scattered across various pages of the website. We also would need professional photos for the album cover as well as the cd booklet design. We were able to shoot a series of studio portraits as well as a series of outdoor portraits at multiple locations to serve all of these needs.
    • Professional Videography (Music Video)
      To help promote the new album and really introduce the artist to new potential fans, we shot a music video for the title track of the album. This would also let our customer tap into the huge audience that exists on popular video sites such as YouTube and attract new fans in a way that would not be possible just having the music alone. We handled all aspects of the the video production… from location scouting/selection, pre-production planning, post-production editing, color grading, special effects, and website placement and distribution to popular video sites.
    • Graphic Design (CD Cover & Booklet)
      We were also tasked with designing the cd artwork for the new album as well as a 12-page booklet that would be included with the CD. For this project, we already had the logo design which we had created for the website, as well as the studio & location photography we had shot, some of which was shot specifically with the album cover in mind. A complete CD design is quite a significant design project as there are many separate graphic design layouts contained in a CD and booklet. Having created all of the other media elements such as the logo and photos kept the design consistent with the rest of the image branding elements already completed.
    • Social Media Promotion
      We created a new YouTube music channel which has it’s own design as well as a Facebook fan page, Twitter page. All social media sites were cross linked to each other to facilitate sharing and give our customer the social media infrastructure to communicate effectively with her fans. Here is where the music video we produced plays a major role in promotion via these social media sites.

Final Outcome
While the initial customer need obviously started with the design of a new website, we were able to provide the customer with a more comprehensive, coordinated and and ultimately more effective image branding that included web site design, professional photography, videography, graphic design, and social media promotion. Since we handled all aspects of our customer’s image branding, the coordinated efforts made for consistent imagery and style across all online as well as print media.

Case study #2:   E-commerce Website, Dental Supply

Customer Need
An upstart dental supply company wishes to enter the market with a professional image and fully e-commerce enabled website. The website needs to be sophisticated enough for future growth yet simple enough to be maintained by the customer without professional assistance.

Proposed image branding
As this was an upstart company, a serious and professional looking website design would be key in order to instill a sense of confidence for new visitors to the site. Our research concluded that the vast majority of dental supply websites have very little thought placed into the image they projected to their visitors. So it was important to design a site for our customer that compared favorably or surpassed the appearance and user-friendliness of other competing dental supply sites.

We were able to provide a number of services, all coordinated for an effective image branding…

    • Website design
      Style as well as function were equally important goals we needed to achieve in this website design. As this was an e-commerce site, we selected and integrated an e-commerce engine that would facilitate product promotion and sales, product lookup and searching, shipping and taxes, customer accounts with order status lookup, as well as other features required by our customer. This was carefully balanced against the need for the e-commerce aspects of the site to be easy to maintain for our customer as well as offer a streamlined user experience for the website visitors. With regards to style, we selected colors, fonts and other design elements to project a cool medical appearance which contributed the the professional image we needed to project.
    • Logo design
      We designed a new logo for the website, taking cues from the company name for the design. The goal was to project the image of modern and larger established company. The logo was also designed so that it could stand alone without the illustration if required for use in print materials and letterhead.
  • Professional Product Phototgraphy
    Product oriented websites will typically have product photos on virtually every page of the site which can sometimes disrupt the consistent appearance and color scheme of the site. We shoot all of the products professionally in our studio against similar colored backdrops to maintain harmony with the other design elements of the site. It’s these small details that can really enhance the overall appearance of the site.

Final Outcome
By combining smart website design, a proper balance of e-commerce features vs. ease of use, as well as adding professional product photography into the mix, we were able to deliver a very functional e-commerce enabled website and project the professional image our customer was hoping for.