TV Commercial

Promo Video

Here is an TV Commercial shot for Pride In Purity International, a non-profit organization.
We traveled to Las Vegas from Florida for this 2 day shoot. Florida weather is hot.. Vegas weather was hotter… 115°F. The girls and guy shown in the video were absolute troopers and did a great job, even under such uncomfortable conditions. Given how well the final commercial turned out, you would think it was a mild spring day 🙂

Music Video for CD launch

Branding // Graphic Design // Music Video // Website Design

We filmed parts of this music video in an 800 year old monastery originally built in Spain, but later moved to the United States. This video contains a strong storyline so be sure to watch until the very end and watch it fullscreen.

Romantic Beach Wedding Film

Wedding Film

Here’s a wedding which almost didn’t happen. It rained until moments before the wedding and stopped just in time for us to film this special day. Enjoy! 🙂

Dental Promo Video & Website

Branding // Graphic Design // Promo Video // Website Design

A dental office needed a promo video that might help bring in new patients.  They also needed to replace their dated website with something a bit fresher and more modern.   Everything turned out great and they were very pleased.