Video Production

Concept Creation
Script Writing
Talent Search
Professional Lighting and Equipment
High Resolution Cameras, High Definition filming
Steadicam and Camera Crane equipment
Professional Editing
Special Effects
Professional Color Grading

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Promotional Videos

High quality video production is a effective way of promoting your business or services. Promo videos convey your marketing message to prospective customers in a way that most people enjoy. People would rather watch a 2-3 minute video to get your message rather than sift through pages of website text. It’s just much easier to watch a promo video.

A professionally produced video will also leave a positive impression on your customers that is difficult to achieve using a just a web site alone. When strategically placed on the home page of your website, an effective promo video will enhance your website visitor’s experience and help convert window shoppers into actual customers.


The goal of this video was to introduce potential patients for a dental group. Marketing campaigns typically lead patients to their website where this video was showcased on the homepage.


We also re-designed their entire website to give it a clean modern look along with a new logo. The promo video we filmed was prominently displayed on the homepage of their website.

Music Videos

Music video production requires a varied set of skills all of which combine to give the final desired result. Beginning with the initial creative vision for the video, through the edits and color grading, to the final distribution of your completed video, we can handle the entire process of creating your music video from start to finish. While we are equipped for the many technical aspects that are part of producing music videos, it is our artistic vision and application of this vision to every part of the video production which we take special pride in. It’s the choices in lighting, effects, locations, editing and color grading… each one of which are carefully considered, giving your music video the professional look and feel you expect.

A recent music video we produced
This song has a strong storyline element. Locations were selected that were not only visually cinematic, but also helped support the overall narrative of the story.
PromoVideos2 “… From the Blog”
Check out this related blog post for some background information about the video shoot as well as some photography we shot for the CD launch and website.


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Wedding Films

Wedding videos tend to fall into 2 categories. Documentary style videos are where a “cameraman” basically follows you around the wedding documenting everything they see. Artistic wedding films are where a “cinematographer” documents your wedding in an artistic way, not only capturing the moment but also enhancing it through refined film-making skills. We definitely shoot the latter style… artistic wedding films. Our experience shooting narrative style music videos and commercial videos all contribute to the filming and post-production of your wedding film. Our wedding films not only document your special day, it is filmed and edited in a manner that tells your love story. You become the stars of your very own music video style wedding video. This is the type of video that you will want to play over and over again, reliving one of the most important days of your life.


All video is always shot in High Definition. We never charge extra for this.

We film using professional Canon DSLRs for our wedding videos using the Canon 5D mark III. These cameras deliver stunning cinematic video quality, light years ahead of most other types of video cameras.

Wedding Feature film: This is 20-35 minutes long and is done in a combination documentary and cinematic style. This stylistically captures the little details you’ll want to relive and remember forever.

Wedding Highlights Film: This is a 3-5 minute film shot in a cinematic music video style (perfect for sharing online with you friends and family). This style has that wow factor that will be sure to impress.

Both videos prefessionally edited

Videos delivered on DVD or Blu-Ray

A recent wedding film we produced
A sunrise wedding filmed on the beautiful beaches of Miami. It had been raining all evening. Just prior to the ceremony, the weather cleared up just in time to give us the most beautiful light.
PromoVideos2 “… From the Blog”
Check out this related blog post for some background info about the wedding film as well as some of the photography we shot on the beach that morning.


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